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Winter in Pammukale

If you can find time to get to Pammukale, you must. It is an incredible landscape. Climb up the white travertines… barefoot. No shoes allowed. The water flowing down the hillside is bathwater warm and in the summer you can climb right into the travertines and lounge.     The original infinitie pool, Pammukale, January … Continue reading

Winter in Cappadocia

Cappadocia $49 one-way flights from Istanbul to Nevshir (the airport in the Cappadocia region) via Stay at Kale Konak at the base of Uchisar castle. The proprietor will set up tours, gave you gloves and a hat when it starts to snow and will provide a delicious Turkish breakfasts every morning. There’s also a … Continue reading

A weekend in Chicago

Stay at  The Belden Stratford if you’re made of money and are over 40 The Wit if you need all-day access to swanky rooftops   Central City: The Signature Lounge is in the Handcock Building. Go here instead of the observatory because the observatory costs moolah just to look out the window. The Lounge doesn’t … Continue reading

A week in Dahab

  Dahab, January 2013   $100 one-way flights to Sharm el Sheikh leave daily from Cairo. From Sharm el Sheikh, you can get a taxi for 100 EGP through the mountains to Dahab. Stay at Bishi Bishi. Its enough outside of town that you’re not in the thick of the touristy row but its close … Continue reading

A week in Istanbul

  Stay in Cihangir, a young, cool neighborhood in the Beyoğlu district. It’s filled with narrow, winding streets all lined with coffee/tea shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. Eat breakfast at Van Kahvalti Evi as often as you can. It is by far the best way to start the day.  When in Istanbul, wandering around Sultanhamet … Continue reading