A week in Dahab



Dahab, January 2013


$100 one-way flights to Sharm el Sheikh leave daily from Cairo. From Sharm el Sheikh, you can get a taxi for 100 EGP through the mountains to Dahab.

Stay at Bishi Bishi. Its enough outside of town that you’re not in the thick of the touristy row but its close enough that you can walk over in 3 minutes.

For sunset, walk south along the rundown boardway to the little beach at the end. the Mountains make for a perfect backdrop.



The Lagoon just before sunset, Dahab January 2013


Eat at El Masryeen because its cheap, non-westernized and delicious egyptian food and because they’re always giving out free falafel.



Falafel, Baba Ghannoug, Arnabet Ba AL-Baed and Egyptian Tea at El Masryeen, January 2013



Go scuba diving with Pete.

Keep an eye out for the Koshari cart. The nice old man will serve you a styro- foam bowl of macaroni, lentils, and rice topped with a tomato stew sauce and fried onions. Its a great post-dive snack and happens to be the national dish of Egypt.

Drink beers on the roof of the british pub.

Play backgammon and suntan at Yalla Bar.

Eat ice cream for breakfast and see off the morning divers at Planet Cafe.

Watch the kite surfers in the lagoon.

Go four wheeling and hang out with bedoins.

Snorkel for $2/day.

Hookah the night away at Funny Mummy.



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