Winter in Cappadocia

$49 one-way flights from Istanbul to Nevshir (the airport in the Cappadocia region) via Stay at Kale Konak at the base of Uchisar castle. The proprietor will set up tours, gave you gloves and a hat when it starts to snow and will provide a delicious Turkish breakfasts every morning. There’s also a private Turkish bath right on the property – luxurious.
Uchisar Castle at sunset, January 2012
Down the block from Kale Konak is a pottery shop. Walk in and say merhaba to Mesut and Cihan. If you accept their continual tea offerings and smile enough, Cihan may let you get your hands dirty on the kick wheel.
The owner,Cihan, and a loyal patron hard at work, January 2012 
A $1 bus will pick you up on Goreme-Uchisary Yolu, a 10 minute walk from Kale Konak to take you into the town of Göreme. Eat lentil soup with lemon at Old Cappadocia Cafe. Floor to ceiling windows make for a fabulous lunchtime view. Stroll up the road past the mosque to sunset point. The view stretches 360 in every direction. Uchisar Castle glimmers in the distance. Eat dinner at Manzara. The patio is a prime photo-taking perch. Order the because its cool to have the server crack the pot in front of you. Drink Efes Dark. Or get ballsy and order a bottle of Raki for the table. 
View from Sunset Point in Goreme, January 2012

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